Dr. James Bachman

Suicide Prevention 
and Helps for 
Those Left Behind! 

                   CUSTOMER REVIEWS

This book is an incredible wealth of biblical wisdom! It is an indispensable resource for prevention of suicide and healing for those suffering in the aftermath of such a horrible tragedy. It includes a tremendously practical and solidly scriptural prevention program that can be simply applied in one’s personal life.
Mike Tarr, Senior Pastor
I have dealt with a lot of suicides over the years and this book will be excellent to get people back on solid ground again and to help them understand what is going on in people’s hearts and minds.
Dr. Tom Williams, Evangelist
There is no easy way to deal with the fallout of suicide, but Dr. Bachman’s practical suggestions are valuable and helpful for individuals left with the task of lifting up those close to the one who has taken his own life.
Dr. Terry Anglea, Faith Baptist Church Pastor
Suicide in the military is a dreadfully serious problem. I personally believe that leaders and chaplains at all levels of government and military service will reap immense benefits and spiritual insights from reading this exceptionally useful and practical compilation of thoughts in this intriguing book.
Colonel J. Tyler Ryberg, USMC (Retired)
In his book, Dr. Bachman brings God out of the waiting room and into the therapist’s chair. I recommend SuicidePrevention and Helps for Those Left Behind because it illustrates an original, age-old, proven approach to effectively handle and conquer this spiritual problem. That approach is God!
Richard Ertter, Psychotherapist, MA, LCPC
Dr. James Bachman is a man of God who is uniquely qualified to write on this subject matter. He does not write from a theoretical perspective, but from years of experience. As a professional physician for over 35 years and as a born again Christian for over 60 years, I have faced some of the battles in my practice about which Dr. Bachman writes. I believe that this book will help those contemplating suicide to weigh heavily what they are about to do and seek help. It will even help and comfort those left behind after a loved one has taken his life. I would recommend it to pastors, counselors, physicians, and the layman who is struggling with suicidal thoughts.
Dr. Cal Streeter, Physician
I unequivocally recommend Dr. Bachman’s book on Suicide. As a chaplain in the United States Army, I have dealt with soldiers and suicide on every level. I can tell you there are healing words of hope through Christ in these pages for you or a loved one. This book provides knowledge, insight, support, and guidance for those who may be dealing with suicidal thoughts or have dealt with the loss of a loved one to suicide.
Chaplain (Major) Michael Swartz, United States Army
Dr. Bachman’s book offers help and encouragement from a Christian point of view for those who endure the loss and grief of a loved one through suicide. Information to detect suicidal tendencies and suggestions to prevent suicide are included.
The good news of how to know God personally through His Son, Jesus Christ, is presented clearly. In addition, the author reminds us to be wise, loving and kind with our words because we don’t always know the hurts and heartaches others carry.

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