Dr. James Bachman

Suicide Prevention 
and Helps for 
Those Left Behind! 


How To Stop Suicidal Thoughts. We realize that suicide rates are rapidly increasing. Daily in the USA, an average of twenty-two veterans take their own lives. It is estimated that in my state of Indiana, one out of ten high school students will attempt suicide before they graduate. In order for our ministry to grow, we need to reach people like yourself who are looking for the answers found in our book Suicide: Prevention and Helps for Those Left Behind. This book is second to none. If you should have any questions at all, you can drop us an email: [email protected]. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Please help turn the tide by using and sharing this new book – SUICIDE: Prevention and Helps for Those Left Behind by Dr. James Bachman. (Finally a Thorough, Practical, Biblical Approach)

Do You Know How To Stop Suicidal Thoughts

Do you know someone who is suicidal or people who have lost a loved one through suicide? They need this book. Pastors, counselors, and even lay people can find the real causes and deterrents of suicide and how to help the bereaved find healing. Other sources are available for suicide prevention and comfort for the bereaved, but none of them are as thoroughly based on the Bible as this book. Over 1,450 Bible references are used in explaining and illustrating God’s plan for success in prevention and recovery. Our all-knowing God Who is the God of all comfort is the most reliable source of help.

You will find Help for How To Stop Suicidal Thoughts through a Long-Term Transformation Program

Suicidal people need a program of long-term transformation of thoughts and actions as well as emergency intervention both found in this book. How To Stop Suicidal Thoughts gives Biblical alternatives and an understanding which shines the light in their hopelessness. Most people wanting to commit suicide don’t really desire to die, they simply wish to get out of their situation and are at a loss of any other way to handle it. This is where Suicide: Prevention and Helps for Those Left Behind provides a long-term Biblical approach that will truly show that there is hope and a way out of this thought process. By using God’s word as the final authority, we can rest upon His promises to see us through each day!

Further Considerations for the Suicidal from God’s Perspective

The suicidal need to understand and properly handle suffering plus know how to find and fulfill God’s real calling for the remaining years of their lives. This book accomplishes both. Those contemplating suicide should read what spiritual professionals are saying about Suicide: Prevention and Helps for Those Left Behind. God loves you whether you believe it or not. He does not want you to end your life, but Satan does. Read this book soon. You and your family will be glad you did.

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